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Special Review Post

Tuesday, September 26th, 2000

In an underground facility within the redwood forests of Santa Cruz County, the genetic sequencing of a True Immortal’s genome edges toward completion. Eight narratives of this Immortality Project are being published in installments. These are non-fiction renditions of actual events leading up to the present day. The authors are Oxadrenals, Janice, and a set of professional writers. This page shows all the narratives in their proper sequence. The narrative begin in late 2009. The narratives will reach the present at approximately the moment that the sequencing finishes. There is a considerable chance of unfriendly intervention at that time by the Immortal Illuminati. One of the purposes of publishing these narratives is to help dissuade them from intervening, as explained here.

In this category, you, can see the genesis of these narratives.