Special Recap Post: What is a “Hafeem?”

By Glenn. January 1st, 2010

A Hafeem, short for “half-immortal’ is someone who does age, but over centuries rather than decades. They are distinguished from “True Immortals” who do not age at all. (The term “Hafeem” was given us by Oxadrenals.)


  1. c says:

    thanks for clarifying it. it clears up a lot of things, we perceive the immortals to be

  2. Observer says:

    Clever turn of phrase. “Half immortal” sounded out to be ‘haf immortal,’ then the ‘mortal’ coil is tossed, and what you’re left with is “haf im” sounded out to be ‘hafeem’. Lovely, and quite humorously noted by someone else: a term for a drug.

    If a similar turn of phrase is used for “True immortals” and ends up something like ‘trueems,’ I think I’ll bust a gut… LOL

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