Special Review Post: What is a “True Immortal?”

By Stephen. January 1st, 2010

To recap: A “True Immortal” never ages at all, and always appears the age of maturity, about 25. A Hafeem (or “half-immortal” does age, but very slowly.)


  1. c says:

    where did you get the word HAFEEM from

  2. Stephen says:

    it was in the material Laughing One left us to analyze
    See, for example, this post: http://www.trueimmortals.net/?p=1050

  3. c says:

    Stephen, i do dare say you picked up a funny word for describing a temporary immortal. I just did a search on that word, it turns out Hafeem is an arabic word for opium. This is too funny. Drugs are too much of a common association with those Elloominatis.

  4. Stephen says:

    That really is very, very funny!

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