The conspiracies I believe in

By Glenn. February 3rd, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a typical conspiracy theorist.

What most typical conspiracy nuts don’t know is that half their theories are just antisemitic propaganda. The Shadow Government and New World Order set of theories, for example, simply extend the  Rosicrucian / Illuminati / Freemason / Rothschild / Rockefeller / Federal Reserve /Protocols of the Elders of Zion chain forward, so that they now  include the Trilateral commission, the World Bank, the IMF,  the Bilderberg Group and the supposed “fact” that the Mossad arranged 9/11. Above and beyond the antisemitism, this is mere dullard credulity.

The conspiracies I believe in, rather, simply  assume that the richest and most powerful of any age will naturally do their best to manage the world to their liking.  That’s just human nature.   But such people would not often nor ever entirely succeed; nor, more importantly, is it plausible that subsequent generations would be more faithful to an ancient vow than to their present interest.  The power-hungry are, as a rule, far too practical for that. Thus, if there is a  connection between the assassination of Lincoln and the assassination of Kennedy, as I believe, it is not to be found in a secret society with code rings, initiations and special costumes, but rather in a recurrent nexus of self-interest.

Or,  rather, that has always been my stance.  This new discovery takes me aback.  Perhaps, there truly is a longstanding historical conspiracy:  Not by a an secret order that perpetuates down through the centuries by binding new members to ancient oaths, but by individual people who themselves persist.

That’s what we’re looking into, anyway – Glenn


  1. OSCAR says:

    cIERTAMENTE ES POR DESGRACIA CADA DÍA MAS CIERTO QUE ALGO EXTRAÑO A la propia naturaleza nos está envolviendo dentro de un clima de mentiras y embustes (lies), que nos crean dudas y ocultan verdades y desvelan mentiras todo ello con un fin único de transtornar nuestra razón y crear enfermedades de tipo siquiatrico con un claro fin de crear consumidores eternos de productos farmacologicos.
    Posteriormente, tras larga enfermedad, eutanasia y por fin, el merecido descanso………………… muerte.
    Esto es lo que deduzco de toda la maniobra que se orquesta detrás de todo este caos.
    La economia es parte de un plan y siempre lo fue con diferente suerte.
    Solo la fe, ha sabido superar a la barbarie humana creada por los humanos
    para depredar sobre otros humanos como verdaderas bestias pero Dios nunca lo permitió ni lo permitirá por que la Creación, obra Divina y Alfa y Omega, de un plan superior, es imposible que un solo y único pensamiento humano destruya una humanidad perteneciente al Creador.
    Pero el Hombre, siempre pecador y necio, proseguirá obstinado en persistir hasta morir en el intento de querer superar lo Divino pero nunca lo conseguirá porque es evidente que no tiene poder semejante así se reuna toda la humanidad en un reto ante el misterio de la VIDA y del fin previsto por DIOS.
    Yo seguiré rezando por no juntarme nunca ni mezclarme nunca en un plan que vaya en contra de el fin de la humanidad que no es otro que la consecución del pueblo de dios, de un único Dios .
    Un abrazo a todos incluso a aquellos que pretenden ir en contra de Dios para que recapaciten y les de tiempo a formar parte aunque sea en el espíritu .

  2. Mal says:

    I have fallen in love with someone who may be an immortal, though I’m technically sworn to this secrecy of keeping this information safe. I’ve been compelled to delve into these conspiracies because of things he has said to me that as a mortal simply shouldn’t make sense. Like the ability to manipulate time. I swear, I’ll say, “We’re going to be late, it’s 7:30″ and somehow the clock winds itself back to where it would be had we not been late. He has told me he is a Mason, but he will only tell me bits and pieces and I pretend to know more than I do to find out this stuff. It might be dangerous to do this, but his willingness to tell me some of this is because I am supposedly the love of his very long life. I’m sorry if I sound like a crazy person, but he has said that he knows the antichrist is female, he knows various secret organizations and has clearance with them, and he claims that his IQ surpasses anything I can imagine because he is 1327 years old, though he appears much younger. I thought for a while he must be schizophrenic, and then weird things started happening to me. Like, my friends would send me a text message or call me or leave a voice mail, and it was almost as if I were able to rewrite things in the present for a time, as if I were able to perform some of the things he could or manipulate the present by rewriting things that had already happened. Maybe I was just stressed out and hallucinating? It felt very real. He is very into an Egyptian tarot deck I had when I was younger and he tells me about Egyptian philosophy as if he were there to see and know it for himself. I figured he was just doing something with black magic, but from the rituals performed in Mt. Sion that freemasons perform, and from what he tells me, it has everything to do with communicating with aliens and his long life and the prediction of the apocalypse. He believes that Satan has a great hold upon the future of the world and its people, and that he believes in him, and that he couldn’t be the antichrist but that I “have nothing on him,” though he has been told the antichrist is female. Can someone educate me please? Or tell me if what I am doing is even safe right now by being with him? Doubt and fear is not something I want with the person I love and who loves me, but he is a very powerful man and I believe I may be playing with fire.

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