think about it from their side

By Kate. February 5th, 2010

If you didn’t have to get old later, how would that change the way you live now?

What’s your best trick for pretending you’ll live forever?  What if you didn’t have to pretend?

What would it be like to be one of them?

– Kate


  1. Erroll says:

    I guess foremost it would take the “hurry” out of anything. And it would largely do away with any ambitions to reach any traditional “milestone” achievement (career, purchases).

    Because you would be laughing at those who try, who work their fingers to the bone, at those who succeed and those who fail likewise.

    I do not utilize any trick to “pretend” since “pretend” would not necessarily get me there. But I do imagine often how it would be and ask myself “Do I really have to do this or that?” – that is an interesting consideration.

    I have found that most typical “must-haves” melt away in the face of going on ’til eternity. Survival with all its implications, on the other hand, takes the lead. Nothing else really matters. King or tramp, nothing beats continuation.

  2. c says:

    to be one of them?
    1.I wouldn’t worry like an ave person do in the streets.
    2.I’ll live more fully for today because that all it takes. I’ll see through a child’s eyes.
    3.I won’t sleep as much maybe 4-5 hours per night…(which i do already).

    4.I’ll have more energy for things.
    5.Do more things…
    6. each moment is more meaningful…and delightful….
    7. Very self reliant.
    8. Eat less.

  3. Erroll says:

    @ c

    These are some very good points.

    There are many people (mortals, that is) that would argue that 6. is just the other way round (limited life span giving meaning to each moment), but I see what you mean.

    However, why would you sleep less? You have all the time you need and 4 to 5 hours seems a bit short. But if it works for you…

  4. c says:

    That’s not true. Sleeping i s a social conditioning on humans. I lead a busy life and sleeping in normal hours like other people, it’s like being on coma.

    I do enjoy sleeping but things need to get done too.

  5. Observer says:

    Acute paranoia is an instinct. Survival depends on some measure of being uncomfortable. “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”

    A strange sort of non-conformity takes place. The body and mind is still young and will be young forever, so certain aspects of the elderly or ‘mature’ are completely lost. Think on a certain level of naivete. One can relate better to the aged people who love to relive their life stories telling any youth who will listen. I would simply happen to be a youth that would not only listen but enjoy it.

    However, relating better to the elderly would mean being constantly outdated. So, therefore, every once in a while it is necessary to adapt to the current youthful activities, like ‘hanging out.’ It will help to learn the modern lingo and update outward appearances.

    Then, move on.

    And C, apart from the few hours of sleep, I think you just described the definition of a healthy person, mortal or otherwise…

  6. Jimmy says:

    Travel for a long time. Not worry about investing. Play more sports. Probably keep my job as I’m self employed so I’d work when I wanted to, much like I do now, but with more time in between…

    Great post. Great way to engage the readers :)

  7. Iulian says:

    Let’s see … definitely my life would make a very big turn from that moment on.

    First of all, things that now have a meaning (reproduce, accumulate wealth, politics and so on) will of course loose their meaning so other things must came into place.
    I think being immortal is at least the opportunity for human race to develop themselves in such a way that we merely can imagine.
    As time goes by travelling and doing things that normal mortals do (hanging out, drinking, get drugs etc) will be futile.
    Once immortals we of course change the way we look at environment and for sure, developing ways to interact with it without harm will be a must as we are in need of it more that a mortal do (as we now use the planet to distruction basing economy on fosil energy) and so developing the human race to it’s maximum potential can and will be a reality
    Technology and everything related to science will explode as the single way to get a lasting satisfactory feeling on long terms is to have new things arround as often as possible, so you won’t get bored, so in this manner conquering space and knowing our universe better will also be a normal thing to do as long as we will still reproduce for of course new space for living.
    I think that being immortal raise a very interesting question, will we understood the meaning of life as we see it now ? For sure we won’t …

    I have a lot of thoughts in this matter as i see that this may be the real answer for the problems that our species is confronting with…

    With respect

  8. Rp says:

    I would try to change what we as humans have done to our trees and animals for the better

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