What a biologist told me

By Stephen. February 28th, 2010

I finally had a chance to talk to a biologist, as I promised I would do.  She is a leading investigator into what is called “the aging clock.”  According to this theory — and, she hastens to add, it’s only a theory — advanced organisms have a type of programmed aging built into their systems.  This can be seen most dramatically by comparing common pigeons with a similar sized bird called the Japanese quail.  A Japanese quail begins age at a year and a half, losing tail feathers and so on.  But in a pigeon, those signs don’t appear for about fifteen years.  That’s a factor of ten. The birds are otherwise very similar, and so it is reasonable to hypothesize that the difference in life span is due to a built in biological control mechanism.  Now, if we apply the same factor of ten to ourselves, might we not come up with someone who seems in a practical sense “immortal?”  Or, what if in some of them the aging clock is stopped entirely?  A person like that would never age at all.

It would have to be a rare mutation (or set of mutations.)  But it is not impossible. Even a dyed-in-the wool skeptic like me can consider a possibility such as this.

And, if such a set of mutations were discovered, it could lead to an intervention: Using a gene altering retrovirus, these genes could in theory be inserted into ordinary mortals, like you and me. (Biologists already know how to build retroviruses to deliver a genetic payload, though some practical problems remain.) — Stephen


  1. MK says:

    You might want to read “Seeds of Deception” about GMO. The standard technology for genetic “engineering” is extremely primitive. There are rumors, however, that the CIA and other intelligence divisions have extremely advanced technologies for genetic modifications.

    I think that you can infer what I am implying with these bits of information as to WHOM might have control of or access to…anti-aging technology.

  2. Iamsolucky says:

    i agree with MK. I came across the Heather Anderson material from project camelot. They use it to create e.g. power ful soldiers without feeling emotions. Lots of hiccups along the way. I believe they also try to mix up different animal genes for stupid reasons? i believe they do discard the screw ups and residents have been photographing these strange animals surfing up on a beach. The Sea is a RUBBISH BIN. what the hell are those idiots thinking that they can pollute there.

  3. Iamsolucky says:

    …addendum….the place is montauk

  4. c says:

    animals are not meant to live long and animals are not at the same level of evolution with man. You’re kinda comparing oranges to apples.

  5. Observer says:

    C, do tortoises count as animals to you? They are kinda known for longevity.

  6. c says:

    oh dang, totally forgot about that.

    i guess some animals are real exceptions….

  7. the one says:

    drop everything you think everything you know. life is infinite the universe is infinite……. we know nothing. if i convinced you 100 percent that you were indeed immortal if you got sick you would not even care…. if you smoked youre lungs would eventually give you asthma but you would spit the tar up every time it built up…… immortality its like having an thorn in your foot the body in truth does not push it out…. but overtime it will surface as the skin renews and the old dies….. immortality is the same if you reprogram youre brain and give it commands even if you were to think youre brain was seperate from you and youre personality this will indeed work. tell it to do things it takes a while but once it reckonizes these things it can do anything i mean anything. you could in a advanced stage slice ur hand off and command it grow back. what iam saying is our brain is nothing more than an advanced computer chip just like a car…. sure a sissy v6 want out run a v8 but u can reprogram that chip by data to make that care super fast and run as hard as it can. same as the human mind. how am i going about to make myself immortal. 1. im not going to avoid twinky’s and average human urge’s that’s so stupid. i have yet to see a healthy eating person out live a healthy person by a huge distance. when it all comes down from my own knowledge i will tell you this this i have seen in person…. mentally ill people such as schizophrenics and bipolar disorder who have had a horrible life who have been through hates with their mind usually seem to look younger act younger….. as far as antiphycotics killing them off i would like to lay this to rot right now…. they dont kill the majority the brain indeed over a time period of being exsposed to something it will eventually not evolve but it will genetically accept it. for instant’s i know a guy that eventually took 40 mg prolixin 4 x’s a day he was perfectly saine fluphenazine is one of the most hardest drugs there is in phychiatry. 10000x chloplormazine aka true thorzine thordazine is mellaril they are two different drugs the guy’s dose was 2 x’s enough to lethally kill a horse. he took it for years he started having these weird head aches he thought it was decipation of grey matter in the brain are possible a tumor. they put him in the mri the brain scan showed the frontal lobes had closed to that of a normal person’s how ever the electro magnetic field was lite up like the forth of july the guy was never the same. the phychiatrist he was under wanted to send him to a university to examine his mind it was so powerful his reflexes beyond superhuman. he was later taken off the drug he had horrible with drawls the thing is…… fluphenazine is a major tranquilizer it puts to sleep parts of the brain his mri and car scan were not of anything i have ever seen nor had anyone… the headaches were migranes they never could be explained but every time hed have one he would get smarter and smarter the guy was originally in sped yes special ed. he later got his ged and out smarted everyone who had ever went to the high school. his brain could solve puzzles in seconds. he could come up with ways to escape anything straight jackets electronic locks he would demonstrate this. he also even had this terrifying ability to speak your words from your own mind. for instants hed ask you a quistion like so, he asked me what do you think of president obama? i was going to say i cannot tell you that. but in the back of my mind i wanted to say hes a communist nwo illuminate member. he said this out loud right when i opend my mouth then i went to say ho….. how did i know he said i said …. yes … he said i heard it i hear it it processes through my mind before you speak it is as if my time and youre time are seperate. i said yeas i……. understand as if iam on another level of clock speed as if iam in the future 10 seconds ahead of you i said wait…. he said let me talk… i said dude seriously quite playing games i know that… im not faking it that i have rulled out the placebo effect and all of the scientific method… i said exactly so let me talk stop doing that trick… i atleast want to hear myself talk… he said youre not scared i said yeah youre right……i said so how did this happen he said it came after a massive head ache during the drug withdrawl i said yes i know you were fkd up with depth perception distortions and even hearing sound coming from the wrong way.. he said yeahs but all of that has changed…((( i could tell he was tripping hard on adrenaline and he was damn sure flipped out on phychosis and mania)))) but that’s not the point he knew everything as if he could jump exactly from 1 sec to 10 sec into the future with his mind…. it beat everything i have ever seen… now the guys little couzin is following the exact road i mean mental problem by mental problem…. this is no phychiatric nut job neither is his couzin they trip so hard on mania they have done things that defy paranormal and beyond…. the main guy older dude looked up chi energy and he didnt believe in it…. but he could do it a different way. instead of kindness he used anger instead of visualizing energy flow he would imagine the rage coming out of his hand into a small sun……. i said he was full of crap he then lit an entire ash tray on fire i watched what i said to him afterwards. when the guy was a child he used to claim he was an angel i shunned him pretty hard. his family member’s yes family claimed he was an angel. his grand mother died seen him as an angel. an arch angel!!! now ive told you guys im a believer but im 50/50 religion and science i believe they co exist its stupid to say they dont. there was a guy who bullied him who was originally his friend, this kid didnt have many friends. he said to him youre going to die and i will laugh i hope you die and you will in deed die… 3 months later the other kid died in a car crash…… the kid who said this said to me at the funeral im so sorry i wished it and forgot to stop it this is my fault. i said relax dude it just happen things like this happen. later in high school he told me how he killed them he had to be very angry but also feel a pull as he reffd to i dnt knw wtf he meant by that but he said anyone he grew angry at if they were able to die on good terms with god he could indeed kill them. i said damn dude ur nuts. 3 weeks later he was obsessed with this girl he would of died for her at any given time….. she hated him he called her she said call back ill call the cop’s he hung up the phone he said sht cops are comming i wish she was dead he said no noooo i dont why did u do this??? i said relax its okay he started praying that shed be safe. anyways nothing happen but he graduated and never asked her out and before he left she walked up to him and her friend said i know ur friend here has a crush on _______ dont you he said no…… he said it as cold as ice. i was like wtf did you do that for that was horrible. he said because i want let her make me look stupid again. i said well what if she liked you back he said secretly she does i felt her heart it was warm. i was clueless of wtf he meant by that……. 4 weeks after he graduated she was killed……….. by a 18 wheeler he was so fkd up about it he would lay by her grave and pretend to hold her hand…. it was beyond weird i truly think on the inside he died as well that day the guy ended up going insane over it. he also did a seance in which 7 other people saw amazing supernatural powers. they said it was more than the film poltergheist by no means anything they had ever seen. i was not present i truly believe he did not curse her but blamed his self anyways from guilt. he was always nice to me and people who were nice to him. but he reminded you of the movie powder he was that weird. he had a phychic phenom that hed do. hed say guess a number 1-50 write it down after he walked off then put it in a envelope he would go write a number down and do the same and hand it to them he was accurate from 1-50 1-2 times every time. then 1-600 accurate 1-10 times sometimes 1-5 im guessing. he would say random things do random acts of kindness the coolest thing was he could know things about youre personality and things you liked before he ever met you are even saw you. hed always tell me that girl slept with so and so but he is a jock he want admit it… hed be right. but he never cheated to preform odd things are ever try to show a vulgar display of power. besides one time. he was constantly bullied me and 3 other people were his only really good friends. there was this guy kept bulling him pushing him he told him i could kill you dead right were you are there is no one to see what i can do to you. and if you walk out no one will ever believe you are what you saw do you truly want to fight me? i was in the bathroom stall i reckonized their voices… i was smoking a cigaret i thought they were teachers i threw it out and stood on the toilet. the jock dude said man youre scaring me he said you need to be beyond scared i can mame you just by talking to you i can hurt you just by thinking about it i can stop your heart by thought alone he said want me to show you i can do this… the jock said screw this dude im sorry man and walked out. he also some how knew i was in the bathroom he said you can come out now so i did….. later in life he stayed mentally sick but i stayed by his side until i was 21 he just overnight vanished two people did he vanished and back when we were in school another red headed dude vanished before our graduation. i never got the answers i seked most people who claim things like this never can prove it…. honestly neither can i i do truly believe he was an arch angel there is nothing you can say to disprove me. i once seen him jump from the roof of our gym down to the floor it is a 295 foot drop he was playing on the scaffiling me and the coach saw this…….. he hung off the rail coach said ill be right back he want come down if he falls hes going to die i said okay. he yelled would it be funny if i could fall and miss the bleachers on the way down and just splatter i said no. he let go u could hear him cut through the wind on the way down. when he hit i swear u could hear the bones and jointes break loose he should of exploded…… he hit like a bag of rocks he busted his face blood spattered all over the ground i was like omg he just commited suicide his body was twisted up he jumped up and said suprise fake blood i said suprise how did you pull that off….???????? that was 295 feet to the bottom and u didnt even break ur neck… the coach walked back in he said i see youre back down james i said coach if some one fell from that how high is that he said 295 i said im sure ud die right … he laughed he said of course stupid……… i dont know where he went i know his name was a fake alias ive tried finding him for years.

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