Don’t even think about it.

By Glenn. March 5th, 2010

Flyss: This is urgent. Keep your distance from him!

When Kate wrote that she needs to see someone’s face in action to read their character, I’m sure she didn’t  mean that you should try to get video of  the man we’ve nicknamed  ”The Bounty Hunter.” In case you’re thinking about doing that, DON’T. Don’t do anything like that.  Stay away.

We’re not using his real name here, but of course we know what that name is. I did some digging into public records, and what I found out about him is chilling.

He volunteered for US Army service toward the end of the Vietnam War, a time when no one was volunteering.  That says something right there. He was recruited straight out of boot camp to Camp Mackall for Special Forces training.

At that point, he disappears for a couple of years. Then, he reappears as a CIA employee.  Since the only pipeline from Army to CIA lead into the Special Operations Group, I can only assume that this is where he landed.  These are dangerous, elite soldiers.  Black ops types.

For the last ten years, he’s been working for private clients. I haven’t traced them yet, but the hints I have so far are terrifying.

So, Flyss, keep your distance. Please? This isn’t some ordinary person you’re tailing.  He’s a professional killer.  Stay away! –Glenn


  1. c says:

    why is the bounty hunter tracking the “Aussie”?

  2. Glenn says:

    Well, we don’t know for sure, but everything points to a desire to get in direct contact with a True Immortal. He’s traced the Aussie over many years, but appears to have lost track of him, just as we have. We’re hoping he’ll find the track again.

    Great question, though. I’ll add it to the “What we know so far” page, and maybe also do a post on it. Thanks!

  3. Noneness says:

    Nice. posted about him before I read this part. Looks like I’m pretty good at it still.

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