Conspiracy Theories, contd

By Glenn. March 10th, 2010

As I try to fulfill Stephen’s request for a “brief” summary of conspiracy theories, I realize it isn’t possible.  I’m going to work on a longer document that I’ll post elsewhereon the site.  In particular, I plan to focus on those theories that have always had serious holes, and where the existence of Immortals has the potential to fill those holes.

For example, the problem with every “secret society” theory has been that it’s hard to imagine rich and powerful  men (and women) dressing in cowls and exchanging secret handshakes.  And yet, such societies seem to have been observed — and far beyond the sophomoric world of Skull and Bones. I postulate, now, that these are Immortals who wear cowls to hide their faces, and the handshakes are recognition  signals.  As I note elsewhere, Immortals might also explain the coherent existance of secret societies over generations, something about which a realist analyst might logically feel skeptical.

Currently, it appears to me that the existance of Immortals fill in significant gaps in the following conspiracy concerns:

(1) The Kennedy and Lincoln Assasinations

(2) The Twin Towers

(3) The origins of WW I, and, by extension, WWII

(4) The extra powers of the Federal Reserve

(5) The persistent Illuminati tales

(6) The Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ceremony (explicitly combines Enlightenment ideas with Rosicrucian/Theosophical/Crowley traditions)

In addition, the actual existence of Immortals casts significant light on numerous recurring myths, such as (in particular) vampires.  One might even guess that the current increased interest in vampires comes from the growing visibility of Immortals.   On this last note, I would recommend Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, by Seth Grahame-Smith, a surprisingly nuanced work.  It is interesting on its own merits as an exploration of the character of perhaps our greatest President.  In addition, it casts light, if only allegorically, on how Immortals might influence human affairs.  (However, real Immortals, unlike vampires, have neither supernatural qualities nor superhuman strength.) — Glenn


  1. Jay says:

    We exist, what few of us there are. We all have the appearance of being around 25-40. All but a couple of us are incapable of having children, owing to our fairly extensive genetic divergence. And of the progeny of three fellow Imtals who I know intimately, all of their children have grown old and perished.

    I look like I’m in my early 30′s, and so I have the luxury of being able to maintain an identity for 10-15 years before I need to disappear. Although I was born in what is now South-Eastern Lithuania in the 4th century C.E., I have lived on every continent (and have even briefly sojourned through Antarctica) in the subsequent centuries, and thus I have learned dozens of different tongues and the unique nuances of many different cultures.

    Several of the Imtals I have encountered and kept in touch with in centuries past have died in wars and plagues (we actually appear to have a weakened immune system, despite our invulnerability to the ravages of time). In fact, I would assume that there have been many Imtals who haven’t discovered their unique gift because they died before they reached the age of plateau, especially as the child mortality rate has only very recently declined.

    But aside from encountering an involuntary demise, there have been several that have opted for the sweet repose of eternal sleep rather than continuing to confront either the heartache of loss or some kind of (what I suppose is now termed) an existential crisis.

    However, just to set to ease any fears you may harbor about our kind, we do not project any designs on global domination or accumulating vast amounts of wealth. Those are the pursuits and dreams of the young and the foolish. Yes, there have been those among us who have risen to great heights of political and financial power in centuries years past, but such recognition is dangerous because as the world ages (and the American expression goes), such a man would stick out like a sore thumb). This would be especially true with the current level of technology.

    Personally, all I want is to continue what I have been doing for the past several centuries, appreciating the beauty and majesty of this tired Earth; Loving, losing, and loving renewed.

    This is the only Internet post I have yet made concerning this condition. I find it amusing that their will be two kinds of people who read this post: those who find it ludicrous (after all, how could such people possibly exist?! Wouldn’t the world know of them already?) and those who believe but have no way of validating their probably capriciously held convictions or finding us. We are well hidden. You will not find us, for there is nothing to distinguish us from anybody else. We are shrouded by a veil of ordinariness and forgetfulness. But, we do exist.

  2. Passerby says:

    Some would agree with you. Others qwould call this a dangerous admission. It would appear you are well travelled. Look forward to hearing from you. That is where I am.

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