Just for the record.

By Stephen. March 11th, 2010

Just for the record, I personally don’t believe in any of the “conspiracies” my friend Glenn talks about.  And that’s with or without the people we’re calling “Immortals.”

I’ve never fully understood the fascination with conspiracy theories. Sometimes it seems that people just want to believe in them.  However,  I suppose that (like Stephen Pinker and Richard Dawkins often say  in the context of religion) the human mind is such a good pattern detector that it sees patterns even when they aren’t there.  In the case of conspiracy theories, there’s also what I call “misplaced puzzle solving.”  It’s as if people want to be mathematicians, but apply that natural human desire in the wrong place. Mathematics is all about solving intricate puzzles and finding subtle patterns.  Conspiracy theorists use the same mental skill in a place where there are no puzzles to be solved and no patterns to be found.

Finally, on the subject of “immortals,” I want to say that we don’t have any reason to think these people we’re tracking are immortal. They just don’t age normally.  I’m sure they don’t actually live all that long.  Disease, accident and plain bad luck would catch them up eventually. — Stephen

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  1. Laurent says:

    Well, you should read the history of the kings of France to become familiar with conspiracy theories
    This is human nature from the beginning…

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