A third message hidden in a digital photo

By Glenn. March 12th, 2010

Now this one is extremely strange. The containing photo is comically obscene, and I won’t post it, but the content reads: “Firth of the Fist: meet at Froth of the Foot. Ox Adrenals.” This  message can only be a parody of the instructions contained in the Lincoln photo:”3rd of the blue&black: meet at 0303etc.” And “Ox Adrenals” is an anagram of the actual name that we are deliberately miswriting as “Antipollus.” [Editor's note: We later revealed the true name to be "Alexandros."]

What this appears to imply is that someone both knows about Immortals and feels ready to parody them.  What kind of person could do that?? — Glenn

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  1. Noneness says:

    Who would want to do that? Pretty good thing for someone to do if they want to throw people off of a mark.

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