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By Glenn. March 14th, 2010

Flyss: Partly she was talking to Stephen about why something as apparently unimportant (to him) as my anagram discovery should shake his skepticism.

But, as you say, I think she did mean that even the more horrific conspiracy theorists like Henry Makow (of Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order fame) may be onto something.  Not in the details. To sell books, they provoke every strand of Know-Nothing, lowest-common-denominator fear, hatred, racism, mindless conservativism, debased Christianity, etc. that serves the purpose.  And not in their logic either: That type of book is a feat of nonstop rhetorical fallacy.

But, still, behind all the vicious ignorance, there’s seems to be something. It’s not Jews, Feminists, the Federal Reserve or the specific people (like Winston Churchill!) they identify as Illuminati.  Instead, as seems to be growing evident to all of us, that something could be a society of Immortals.

I can imagine there are young (new) Immortals who just live it up, like The Aussie. But I can also imagine others who are far older and much more dangerous.  They would certainly have the motive to control the world.  And they could very well have accumulated the ability.

I would think the man I saw at Antietam could be one of those. Not only him, but the woman too. The reference to “blue&black” in the message, and her costume,  are awfully reminiscent of a secret society.  What if they are the true Illuminati? — Glenn


  1. MK says:

    You really need to read the old radio shows from Dr. Peter Beter. He was a member of Kennedy’s cabinet. You also should visit and read what a man who is a world wide expert on currency has to say about what has really been going on.

    The fact is that once one does a little research, it is clear that many things that we have all believed ARE NOT TRUE. It is also true that this country and others are being run by a small cabal of people. Most of them don’t appear to be immortal, but there is a little girl who has not aged since she was born. She has the same size as a 16 month old child and she is a teenager. That report has appeared in several scientific journals. When this is considered alongside the cases of children with progeria (a rapid aging disease), it makes it clear that genes can do all sorts of things.

  2. c says:


    i seen that report from abc. she is ageless but not immortal.

  3. Observer says:

    She’s an ageless child… Perhaps the ‘aging clock’ that this blog talks about has no set time that it stops?

    Maybe there are TIs of all ages. Maybe, the adult one’s that we come to think of are simply the ones that can better take care of themselves for survival, or maybe adulthood is around the ‘average’ age the clock stops, not necessarily the age it always does.

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