What the heck is this?

By Flyss. March 15th, 2010

Glenn: What’s something like this doing out in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma? What the heck am I even looking at? This isn’t just Protocols of the Elders of the Kennedy Clan, it’s UFO-level, mind-control-radiation X-files shit stuff.

The BH just traveled three hundred miles to park for an hour here and do God only knows what. (I’m putting the detective work details on God because, yes, I was good and waited till hours after the BH left before I parked here too.)

I’ve played Helicopter Sims so I know all about flying ‘copters. Tomorrow, I’ll take your credit card to Hertz rent-a-helicopter and hire a black one, so I can flop onto their roof and demand to see their Mothership.

I wish you left your house occasionally, Glenneus Maximus, so you could come out here and tell me what the frack this fracking place is. –Flyss

P.S. Yes, I’m creeped out.

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