The True History of the Illuminati

By Glenn. March 19th, 2010

This material is a treasure trove.  I’ve only dipped into a few percent of what’s here, and already every idea I’ve had about conspiracies has been turned upside down.

The bottom line: What we theorists suspected has proved entirely true – and entirely false.

Where past conspiracy theorists imagined a cabal of Jewish bankers, there is instead something far more dangerous: a cabal of Immortals who have amassed incredible fortunes over their long lives (and who do not mind shifting suspicion onto Jews and others when it serves them.)  Where Elizabeth Clare Prophet and many others wrote of spiritually advanced beings living in tunnels honeycombing the earth, there is instead a hidden world of Immortals hiding underground: but they are not necessarily spiritually advanced at all.

These Illuminati — for that is actually what they call themselves– are immensely but far from absolutely powerful.  They have no special abilities other than the profound understanding of human psychology long life has given them. They have no mind control rays, but they are highly skilled at controlling us without them.

Here is a vital point: Among their many methods, they support false or partly false conspiracy theories to distract us from the real.  It is they who have kidnapped people and released them with the stigmata of alien abduction.  It is they who have terrorized people with black helicopters, a kind of theatre to distract us from their actual acts of manipulation. They planted the Majestic 12 papers and wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Illuminati have infiltrated the CIA, the NSA, FEMA, the Trilateral Commission, the mainstream media and every other organ of social power, and they use these powers both to accomplish their goals and to sow misinformation about their goals.  And they’re ruthless: They’ve not hesitated to cause certain people or groups of people to be blamed and victimized, even slaughtered when it serves their purposes. And yet, they mean us well.

This is the true history of the Illuminati.  I will be presenting it in the weeks and months ahead. – Glenn


  1. honey says:

    I have seen evidence of an immortal existing in 1996. A whole room of people were completely disrespecting her by claiming that they were superior above her and they were trying to publicly humiliate her on her birthday in sexual manners and in front of little children of all things. Then because she refused to die for them and flat out refused to be a messiah for them they shot her in the skull at point blank range. She did not die and she didnot suffer the bullet wound because it healed right in front of everyone the bullet came back out moments later. And she is still alive today, they never did call an ambulance for her she was just fine but she did take a couple of aspirin for the migraine headache that being shot in the head caused her. Then the police threatened to throw her in prison because they were not able to murder her in cold blood and they proceeded to place criminal charges on her because she is an immortal instead of them, they tried to make her ashamed of being an immortal. She spit in bill clintons face, yes that ex president witnessed that this woman is true immortal and so did the u.s.a. military. In fact it was a military person that discovered she is immortal, they are the ones trying feebly to assassinate her because according to the american military they and those cops claim they deserve to be immortal instead of her just because they were demanding immortality for their selfish criminal selves. So now this immortal has declared war against the us military and their legal system for being murderous towards her. I know she will win, she is an immortal. And that also explains why immortals despise mortal humans, mortals are jealous of goodly immortals. Do therefor you are wrong there are no immortals in government position but that female immortal is behind all of those conspiracies and she is laughing her a . ? off at everyone who has tried to have war against her, there were even middle eastern muslims present who were trying to execute her becauee they don’t beleive that she does not have the right to be an immortal due to the fact that she is female. She laughed in their faces and proved her rights. One of them made a prayer silently then she said to him that he did not have rights to pray for any female immortal to drop dead for being woman immortal. He was slack-jawed that she knew what he had prayed for he had not said his thoughts out loud. Then she produced lightening and electrocuted the worst disrespecter by sending lightning on them. She also was seen devouring lihhtning and was partaking of the life energy of one of the other women that were present that day, their hair coloring fell out of their hair and the immortal womans breathe smelled like hair coloring. She said she was a soul-eater. She also turned a bunch of gnats into butterflies.

  2. richmond matoe says:

    i need to know more of you guys

  3. alisha says:

    this is sooooooooo demonic

  4. Passerby says:

    Well a conspiracy site like this would be great for misinformation. Real info hidden in the false. It is perfect. Time will tell. Everyone knows that. Maybe so called immortals read this. Every once in a while they might recognize one another by a turn of phrase.

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