Perhaps we need to rethink our strategy

By Stephen. March 30th, 2010

Flyss, I’m terribly glad you’re safe. (Not that I doubted your ability to get away from someone so foolish as to chase you.)

But it does make one wonder.  We latched onto the Bounty Hunter because he was following someone who doesn’t age.  The theory was that we could more easily follow the follower of an immortal than the immortal himself.

But if he’s hunting immortals, what’s he doing taking time out to kidnap an old man in a wheelchair? Admittedly, the old man lives in a shed and has underground tunnels, but he’s an old man, rather by definition not someone who fails to age.

For that matter, what’s the BH doing taking time out to photograph chemical plants and strange transmitting dishes, not to mention chasing you? If he’s an immortal hunter, at the very least he seems to have lost focus.

Perhaps we need to rethink this strategy.– Stephen

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  1. Noneness says:

    Or his job was not what you were thinking it was.

    The old man ages, but doesn’t age. He’s very much older than he looks and by looks alone, you would think him old. Think about it anagram masters! Obviously obvious here.

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