Researching the address

By Stephen. March 31st, 2010

I’ve been researching¬†the house where the kidnapping took place, and made some thought-provoking discoveries.

Before I get to that, I want to state emphatically that the idea of a Hafeem, a person who ages very slowly but does age, makes perfect sense to me. It should have been obvious before, but I will admit that if I thought of it earlier, it slipped my mind entirely, and all credit goes to Glenn for identifying both the term and the concept in the material we’ve been analyzing.

Keeping that in mind, the following facts about the house where Flyss saw the BH kidnap, or at least transport, an old man bear consideration.

(1) The house has been in possession of a single family for over 140 years.

(2) The current owner of the house has never been photographed for a driver’s license, passport or any other public document.

(3) There are no records of him having ever attended school in the US. This takes on greater significance considering point 2, specifically in regards to the passport.

(4) Nor are there any publicly documented name changes.

(5) The house was occupied for some time by a family with children (hence the children’s slide visible in the photo), but that family moved out in 1987 and left the country. I can find no evidence of where they moved to, and they have not been back. ¬†They left behind no relatives in the United States.

(6) Since 1987, a succession of caretakers has been employed on the property. They are paid directly from the offices of a bank in Switzerland and hired by those Swiss bankers. Needless to say, I can get no information from that direction.

(7) Perhaps most interesting of all, ten years ago an entire shipping container arrived by truck at the house, and was unloaded by hired men who have also disappeared from sight. According to one neighbor, the container appeared to contain canned food. — Stephen

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  1. Passer By says:

    Ever heard the term “Japhethite”?

  2. the one says:

    ^^^^ its a human shape shifter like a wear wolf but turns into a panther right? shantan aka shatan? also shapes back human can change at will……. iam going to become a member of this website iam big into conspiracy’s you know. about the immortal thing i posted iam not immortal are a heffemmm as u call it i just age odly strangely slow. and seem to be immune to everything i have had near death exp plenty of times…. never died my scars are never permenant they last about 19 years then dissapear i have had one the longest scar i have had was since i was 7 a throwing knife stabbed through the back of my hand in behind my thumb through the otheer sid severing tendons n things…. didnt get stiches if i get gapped open i just close the wound it re attaches itself like u if you get stiches my healing time is 3 days max for any wound 5 completely healed regardless of depth. a small laceration will heal within minutes…. not like on a vampire film it dont heal before the eyes but it would on a timed camera…. remember even if you guys have valid proof of a immortal no one will ever believe you…. you could play it on national tv people would think you faked it are the gov would cover it up regadless only you would know . but i believe its worth certain things to know just youre self and not to expose to every one else…….. take care please no one email me asking if im immortal i want respond because iam not…… i think something is off though aging wise.

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