Dreaming of

By Kate. April 1st, 2010

Dreaming of one who sees / his senility coming

Not over decades merely / but dragging on

Into centuries of helplessness. / An almost-immortal body

Edging by inches over the miles to death.

And he is friendless /Having spent a life in hiding.

Though, had he friends /He must needs trust unto generations.

How to plan?  To prepare? To make safe?

If he knew of another like himself  / but he does not.

Therefore, he employs banking houses.

He buys food / He digs tunnels

He crawls underground like a dog crawling into the bushes to die.

And hides there for a hundred years.  – Kate

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  1. Passer By says:

    That is truly a sad look at a “hafeem’s” life, but those who age normally see their own old age coming down the pike too. Besides, like them, hafeems would age at relatively different rates too. Some may even go through something like growth spurts, and even if they didn’t, the biological condition of the elderly takes a heavy toll. It may be that while one can spend centuries looking as if he were an adult, or middle aged, it only takes decades or years for the final years to take their course.

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