An email from a reader got me paranoid

By Flyss. April 3rd, 2010

An email from a reader of this site got me thinking about how much power Stephen has over us.

The reader suggested that our Immortals might be vampires. At first I wanted to laugh him off.  But then, I got to wondering.

Of course, Stephen’s positive that the people we’re discovering are the way they are due to a defective genetic aging clock. He’s a scientific, skeptical, hyper-rationalist. Naturally he believes that. But why should we all feel so sure too? I know I never used to be a science believer.

Then I realized that it’s Stephen’s influence on me.  I’ve emailed with him a lot, off and on over the last year. And whenever I do, I come away a total skeptic materialist for weeks on end.

What if there really is a supernatural explanation? Shouldn’t we keep our minds open to that? Or what if it’s something out of science fiction? A strange device? Technology from an alien race? Shouldn’t we keep an open mind to that too?

And why is that I’ve been willing to believe Stephen’s interpretation all this time? Probably because, like I said, he’s very convincing.

But what if it’s weirder than that? What if he’s working for them, and deliberately misleading us?  – Flyss


  1. c says:

    speaking of immortals being vampires… yes there are those types…

    i also found this link today

    I don’t know what to believe….

  2. Noneness says:

    An immortal also being the victim of a very rare genetic cellular ”defect”? Either you’re just reaching here or there is a very unlucky person sleeping under his bed right now. Could be a byproduct, but I doubt it and I don’t doubt much.

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