He could inform on me, though

By Flyss. April 5th, 2010

He could inform on me, though.  Maybe he gave away my position outside that shed?

I’m not planning to worry about it, though. I have more entertaining things on my mind.

You remember back a month ago or so when the BH bought a baker’s dozen of GPS trackers? I checked into the model. They’re basically cell phones.  You phone in, and they send back a record of where they’ve been.  Of course, you need a password, and he’s not the sort to use one like “password.”

But not very many cars shoot cellphone signals from beneath their chassis. And yours truly, old “eyes and ears” Flyss happened to have a record of everywhere he’d been.  It took a lot of cruising, but I found one.

However, I’m having a craving for green toenail polish just now.  Back at you in a bit.  – Flyss

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  1. Noneness says:

    No one gave away you’re position but yourself. What color were you wearing then? :D

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