Travelogue: following a car the BH’s following

By Flyss. April 7th, 2010

As I was saying, I spent about a hundred hours cruising everywhere the BH had been until I found a car he’d tagged with one of his GPS trackers. I stuck one of my own GPS trackers under the same car.  Here’s a travelogue of some of the places I saw when I drove in the tire treads of whomever it was the BH was following.

(And, yes, the photographs have been photoshopped. I don’t want to give away exactly where this is.)

First he goes under this messy bridge,

and on the other side these everyday flames leap up,

which turn out to come from this standard whatever-it-is.

This part of Oklahoma is a little bit interesting all on its own. Remember the dish, and the chemical factory? They’re not more than  fifty miles off.  But what comes next is creepy.  (continued in the next post.) — Flyss

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