By Glenn. April 12th, 2010

As I mentioned, underground tunnels are a staple of conspiracy literature.  Examples include a whole genre of underground tunnel theories involving Denver International Airport.  See, for example, this thread on abovetopsecret and this youtube video. But it’s never made sense to me that the government (or anyone else) would build underground in such a public spot as an airport. True, DIA is next to Rocky Mountain Arsenal, which would seem to make it convenient for the government, but the arsenal happens to be a Superfund site, and it’s under much too much scrutiny for secret construction.

If one wished to create underground passages, wouldn’t one at least put the entrances in out of the way spots? And placing them near interstates only makes sense, like ports on a river. So, what better place to choose than a complicated overpass/underpass complex in the middle of nowhere? In fact, it seems to me I’ve run across quite a few overpasses that seem more convoluted than necessary.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more are “haunted,” so to speak, by more than meets the eye.  – Glenn

[NOTE: In a comment to this post, a leading spiritual figure in the “hollow earth” tradition suggests an alternative interpretation.]

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  1. onelight says:

    From what I understand is that deprecating situations, undermining the stability of the 3D world we exist in, are meant by intent to gather attention to those situations such as the one below Denver Airport. That the attachment to the 3d world is to be realized as impermanent – temporary. And that these areas which are very difficult, either evil in appearance or in fact, are there to push our human powers of transcending mass. It also reflects that there is a general acceptance that only ‘resurrected beings’ are allowed to truly use the resources of this planet long term; and the mortal human mindset is somehow being purged by the rather bizarre tasks on the surface and the immediate subsurface environs.
    I believe that the confident and expressive immortal human will seek a cautionary process for entering these tunnels by ‘astral travel’ first and see that many tunnels (not all) basically lead into traps of still greater dramas; unless one is able to seek out and find a route of greater grace, opening their cellular activity to that of the one immortal source, these lessons of separation will for appearance sake remain hostile, heavy tasking.

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