Further thoughts

By Stephen. April 18th, 2010

To continue from my last post … several thoughts.

For one, is the person we call “The Aussie a “full” immortal, eg. with aging clock shut down, or is he a Hafeem, with aging clock slowed? After all, he lives in public, even if others are perhaps living in hiding somewhere.

For that matter, how would he know which group he belongs to?  If one were to have a lifespan of 1000 years after maturity, it might take 100 or more years before one noticed any evidence of aging in oneself.

On the other hand, maybe for a “new” immortal (eg., someone who has just discovered he or she isn’t aging) it takes time to sink in, and only become supremely cautious over time.

In any case, we don’t that we’ve identified any “fully immortal” immortals, in the sense of those who don’t age at all. The material Glenn and I have been decoding refers to them, and I am willing to believe they exist.  But we would have to have evidence of someone failing to age over centuries before we’d know.  More than centuries, perhaps, if the Hafeem’s life span is, say, 5000 years, rather than infinite. — Stephen

P.S.  Based on the above, I think we need to make two separate categories and subcategories for “From Their Perspective,” as the cases of “full immortal” and Hafeem are different.   I’ll work on that.

PPS. The encoded material calls people in the former category “True Immortals,” which is a little inconvenient considering that it’s the name of this website (and we’re interested in Hafeems too) but I suppose we should utilize it anyway.


  1. c says:

    any updates on the Aussie?

    Have you ever that he maybe a spy(changing his identity from time to time) and that he is able to travel so easily without being detected

  2. Mal says:

    True immortals do not age. They cannot be killed. Their great sadness in life is that they watch those they love die and they never change form. If you think they are in hiding, well, perhaps they are. Perhaps they have some affiliations with secret societies, but they are not naturally narcissists, they have compassion and the full-spectrum of human emotion, even moreso than the average person because the loss is much greater to them after hundreds and thousands of years. Some of the most beautiful people are immortals and do have resources beyond our comprehension as mortals, but they are not intrinsically evil. They can manipulate time, heal wounds more rapidly even if they aren’t their own wounds (I had a broken foot and he healed it in 2 weeks), manifest beautiful sights and affect weather patterns- as far as I have experienced, though I am not immortal and thought I was going nuts when I witnessed some of what I’ve witnessed. There’s no way to prove it happens, but time is only an abstract concept with every intent of indicating connector points or commonalities that people can reference. When you understand the vast dimensions of time and you can see different pathways, as I was shown, you begin having the ability to manipulate time. I am not spiritual, so I’m not sure of the devil or of god, but religion aside, the worship of everlasting life appears in many ancient religions and texts, and perhaps it does exist. I will never know what it is to be an immortal, though I know that people can be and they have the same capacity to love and breathe, eat and experience pain as other mortals do.

  3. Iulian says:

    What you whitnessed ? healing faster ? or else ?
    Please give more details …


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