“Illuminati Symbols”

By Stephen. April 25th, 2010

Here are several forms of the recurrent “Illuminati”-associated symbol I referred to in my last post. (Larger versions on this page.)

This version occurs most frequently, accounting for over 70% of the instances:

Secret Society of Immortals Symbol

This second version accounts for most of the remaining:

Immortal Illuminati Symbol

This final variation appears only once, but seems to have been minimally Photoshopped, unlike the others.

Immortal Illuminati Symbol

– Stephen

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  1. Strattera says:

    I ran across this blog by accident, and I laughed at all the work you’re putting into a hoax. Then I saw the symbols.

    I know that symbol. And I don’t know how you guys know about it.

    It’s on object I found in the sand while serving in the first Gulf War. This was when we came to a stop and weren’t OK’d to move on Baghdad. We were stuck in place for months, and had to dig trenches, etc., where lots of us found pot shards. We had archaeologists on staff to make sure we didn’t bring home any important antiquities. My particular souvenir was supposedly just junk, only three or four hundred years old, and the symbol drawn on it according to the archaelogist didn’t mean anything. I had it checked by someone at the British museum later, and he’d never seen it either. And now I find it posted on your blog. I guess I’ll start at the beginning and read it forward.

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