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By Flyss. May 3rd, 2010

Glenn, yes there are lots of directions to go. Too many for just us four.  I don’t want to start flying around and sneaking into museums with my snuggly hidden camera. Why don’t we ask for help from our readers? Hey guys and gals, the ones who are emailing us or writing comments, have you ever seen this symbol anywhere?

Immortal Illuminati Icon

There are fancier versions on this page. Important note: The symbol should be colored blue, or black, or both.

It might be on clothes or jewelry in a museum. Or used in the shape of a building. If this rings a bell, or if you can dig anything up, please, please email us at Help wanted!– Flyss

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  1. Sebstien Rapold says:


    I stumble upon your website by chance. I’m an inventor by nature. As of late I have been fascinated with all of these topics. It all started when I started to research the ecomomy and more specifically the fedar reserve bank. Froom there everything began to unravel
    If you have a little money to spend on a programmer I would suggest making a specialized web crawler. Sort of what Google uses to find webpages of interest. In your case you would send your crawlers to search everything on the ineternet looking for your symbols or whatever you are interest in. You might have to create a program that understand how to look at pictures and recognizes specific things in them.
    I was going to make a program for facebook which had some common elements, However I discovered that there is already a company that did something similar, so I moved on to the next invetion. Good luck with your quest. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


    Sebastien Rapold

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