Email from a Hafeem?

By Flyss. May 5th, 2010

Today, someone emailed in to say that she’s a Hafeem, living in California. And she has some very interesting things to say about it. Stephen? Kate? Glenn? How do we respond to this? — Flyss


  1. LoriLaria says:

    I know I’m one of them.

  2. Strattera says:

    How do you know?

  3. LoriLaria says:

    I don’t get older, that’s how I know, just go on and on and on

  4. c says:

    is this for real?

  5. most people are horrible people i feel sorry for many but recently i just want to make many of the mortal population go extinct… im not a horrible person. iv gotten clips unloaded on me.. sniped by 50 calibers.. performed alchemy on six hitmen. i would love to find some one like myself. i can reproduct with either gender, i need a female like myself. i went public and gave googles quantum pile of shite computers altimers if they trace me. im very protective of some people who i care about. mortals do horrific things and are blind deff and stupid. an immortal never rapes a kid to death or dies from blunt trauna iv put out warnings about people doing things to some. these decrepid mortals think that they can kill us with a bullet. they seem to be shocked when i dont bleed. i have flouresent blonde hair and purple eyes. egyptions had mirrors more intellegent than google. neanderthals had magic rocks. ps ray kurtweils book on da bingularity i wanted to beat him with the book. he is currently trying to “make google self aware”

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