Brilliant geeks

By Flyss. May 15th, 2010

It amazes me the way action types like me need brilliant geeks to get anywhere. That’s pretty cool decoding, even if we don’t have a ghost of a clue what the decoded message means. Thanks particularly to a cool geeky guest-blogger guy who calls himself “Straterra,” along with our resident uber-math-geek Stephen. All we have to do now is put together “My Sister’s Province” and “Izumo City,” a city that happens to have maybe the oldest Shinto shrine in Japan. I’m sure old geeky Glenn will be the one who figures out what it means. (Or, at least, make something up that sounds good :-)

Meanwhile, I’m off to fry up some other fish.  – Flyss


  1. Strattera says:

    Well, how do you know I’m a guy?

  2. Flyss says:

    All that talk about BTUs and square feet. And being in the military. I’m gender stereotyping like heck here, I see that now. Sorry!

  3. Strattera says:

    Well, you’re not totally wrong. I was _born_ male. A slight landing error pre-incarnation, which I recently fixed.

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