A certain building

By Flyss. May 16th, 2010

So, the tracker is still working in the Servant’s car, and he hasn’t shown any signs of wanting to migrate to Izumo. Instead, he’s been conducting surveillance on this building:

I’m crossing my fingers on who comes out of it … Flyss


  1. me says:

    Might be a very stupid question, but why are you putting al this information on the internet. What if your friend which you call the bounty hunter is reading al this?
    Sorry for my bad english

  2. Flyss says:

    That’s not a stupid question at all.

    One answer is that I’m personally taking insane risks. Yes. Back to that in a second.

    But the blog as a whole isn’t entirely mad. We don’t mention the BH’s real name, for example, so as not to make it easy for him to find us online. He can’t just search for himself in Google, and I’m sure he doesn’t call himself “the Bounty Hunter.” We also put up mistakes in the details on purpose — wrong locations and so on. So how would he run across us at all? Finally, even when we are discovered, we have really pretty heavy security so they won’t track us back to where we live. (None of us even knows where Stephen lives, for example.)

    Still, various immortals will eventually discover us online. But we want that to happen. That was Stephen’s initial vision (he doesn’t have many.) We constantly keep that in mind and do certain things so that when they find us they won’t freak out. See what Glenn says here: http://www.trueimmortals.net/?p=2055

    But, to get back to the beginning, you’re right: I’m crazy to post photos of the BH’s building, because if he sees those photos he’ll be onto me like a bull out of the belfry. The only non-crazy thing about it is that I put things up with a little delay — I’m gone by the time they go up. One more thing: it seems that the fellow we call Laughing One ultimately controls or at least hires the BH, and he seems to have a soft spot for me. Or maybe for everyone. See this post (from what seems like centuries ago) http://www.trueimmortals.net/?p=1031, and also this category: http://www.trueimmortals.net/?cat=44 (best read in actual chronological order, not blog order.) — Flyss

    PS. And then there’s Yavahnna. She told me to go for it. And so I am.

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