On another note

By Stephen. May 20th, 2010

I’m staying out of the fight between you two!

On another note, I tracked down some interesting information about that abandoned parking garage where the ambulance was exchanged for a Mercedes SUV. The reason it’s abandoned is that it was built for an office building that never came into being. The office building had been approved by the county, ownership submitted by a company whose owner’s owner’s owner has a subsidiary whose subsidiary’s subsidiary built the freeway overpass with the tunnel beneath. I’d say we have evidence of conspiracy here! But no direct lead to any immortals. Still, I’ll be investigating the interlocking companies further. — Stephen


  1. c says:

    do you think this is safe to pursue? you might get MIBS showing up at your door… for trying to know too much

  2. Anonymous says:

    Men In Black Suits probably…

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