Getting tired of all the sordid stuff

By Flyss. May 22nd, 2010

Glenn, I’d be more interested in your suggestions if you actually did something, occasionally, instead of promising and not doing it!

But, I guess what you say makes sense. It’s just that the Bounty Hunter was originally on the trail of the Aussie, and I’m sure he’ll lead us to him eventually. The Aussie is definitely a non-mortal. And, aside from being a narcissistic jerk, who takes “love ‘em and leave ‘em” to a breathtaking new level (he marries people, has children, then leaves them in about 10-15 years,, probably because that’s when his immortality begins to show), he’s incredibly perfect in some ways. If you just look at his photos, especially the one from 1958, you’ll see it. He has a radiance to him.

I’m getting tired of all the sordid detective stuff. I want to get nearer to that great beauty. — Flyss

P.S. I’m not being fair to Glenn. He’s a conspiracy nut, but he’s figured out lots of stuff. ¬†Look at his posts.

PPS. I think seeing that woman did something to me. She had a feeling to her. It’s that feeling I want to get near.


  1. Strattera says:

    I could help you with surveillance on either the BH or the Servant. The question is, what can I do so that you trust me?

  2. Glenn says:

    That vetting process really is tricky. You’d need to start out by letting us know where _you_ live in person, as well as providing a lot of background invormation.

  3. Strattera says:

    I suppose I should be cautious myself, but heck with that. I’ll send you whatever you want. (See the email I just sent you.)

  4. Stephen says:

    Of course, if we evaluate you in person, we risk you discovering us in person. To begin, we’ll need you to place yourself somewhere where we can observe you without being observed.

    But I see you’ve turned on your computer’s camera for us. That’s certainly a start. Can you use it to show us around?

  5. Strattera says:

    Sure. Also, I’ll send along my medical records.

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