Fascinating infrastructure

By Glenn. May 26th, 2010

Amazing information in your last eight posts, Flyss! It boggles the mind to think what infrastructure they have to be able to field so many agents in public, and not be observed. They must have fingers into every level of government, from the city on up, as well as controlling the media and probably the street gangs too.

I notice in a comment where you say you think this “Yahahnna” knows about our blog. I also assume that’s what she means by “your world that is not in the world.” Probably, she has access to the NSA, and all those levels of government.

On another note, have you followed the thread that leads to Japan? Inspired by our reader Merlin, I found numerous examples of Japanese gongs online that look much like our symbol, such as this one:

The difference here, though, is that this gong, like all others I’ve found, is held from above only, whereas in the symbol it’s held from the side as well:

Secret Society of Immortals

If we could find a gong of this design, we might be well on our way to picking up a new trail. I wonder if you’d consider going to Izumo to see if you find any examples there. – Glenn

P.S. Or, if any readers are near Izumo, and can look for a gong that matches our “illuminati symbol,” that would be tremendously helpful.


  1. Noneness says:

    …lol… It wouldn’t be a ”gong” if it had the bars on both sides hiding it in place. Do you know what it would be called?

  2. Knowtoomuch says:

    Its a door, a realm. Blue and black together means motion. The so called gong is in motion and is not connected. This disc represents infinite time and travel. As far as Illuminatis thats the giving symbol between space and time. Ancient Ancestors are the originators of this existance. The symbol is to be flat not standing up. Its not a modern doorway, for the travel was like entering a pool, not a door. This symbol or Key is far deeper than Illuminati!

  3. Knowtoomuch says:

    Im not suppose to say this, but this also points out a map. Each end point directs you to the only doorways of time/space travel. These points after entering doesnt consist of time. Therfore entering and exit can be alternated by carrying what u see in the middle of the symbol. Thats the only way u can keep up with time.

  4. Knowtoomuch says:

    The disc in the middle is like a remote. Its like a dvd player and u can skip to any timeframe. This is the remote of power. There suppose to be only three. Nastradamus was said to have possessed one of them.

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