What she said (or didn’t say) part 2: The darkness and the light

By Flyss. May 26th, 2010

This is the last installment. I’m doing this so badly. It looks silly written down. When it happened it was anything but.

“I, Yahahhna, this I command to you: Speak my name aloud in your world that is not in the world. The other may then find my name, and then find you. Or they may not find my name, and not find you. Some of them are your friends. Some are not. Both friends and not friends live where the trees are cold, and old and soft and high. I will not choose sides, but hold the powers equal and let chance decide.

“But this I do decide: You will leave here, for I am here. You shall not follow me. You shall not study me or search me. You will go. Go far from here, and live.”

She touched my face for an instant, then swirled away with all her escort. It seems like years since then. And there are words in my head, though I don’t know why, since she didn’t say them. “The darkness and the light, they need each other.”

I don’t know what this means. I hurt.┬áBut I obeyed her and left the city instantly. — Flyss


  1. c says:

    then what happened? where did she go? is she a resident at the area, you were poking around in?

  2. Observer says:

    I finally figured out why that name was bothering me. It bares a striking resemblance to “Yavanna” of the Tolkien books. It may very well not be the same name, but it sounds eerily similar.

    The name kind of goes along well for an immortal as, in the mythology of the books, she had something to do with ‘the tree of life,’ if I’m not mistaken.

    The frustration that was bothering me was like a great many things about this site. I keep finding a strange sort of familiarity with names and topics… I swear when I first came upon this site it was like deja vu to the tenth degree.

    I keep having the feeling of “I know that… Why do I know that?”
    If anyone else has ever had that feeling, you know it’s sure to aggravate yourself…lol

  3. Flyss says:

    Remember, the name I put up here for her is a pseudonym. Same for “antipollus.” See this post. http://www.trueimmortals.net/?p=205

  4. Observer says:

    I realize that. I was just trying to straighten it out in my head why the changed name seemed familiar. Maybe a part of my mind was trying to figure out why you’d use a particular pseudonym? I dunno… As I said, I was kind of aggravating myself with it…lol

  5. Flyss says:

    FYI: Observer, your comments never have an email address. This forces us to approve them by hand each time. We like you a lot, but we don’t like extra work! So, please at least put in a fake email address (and the same one every time.)

    Bennies of putting in a real email address: you’ll get some back channel communication with someone, probably the high and mighty me.

    Disadvantages: none. We already see an IP address when you post a comment, so email gives us no further information.

  6. Observer says:

    Apologies. I wasn’t realizing I was giving you extra work to do. I’m not exactly the most tech savvy and really don’t know much about how forums and blogs and things are run.

  7. Jimmy says:

    interesting story, but what does anyone here have, as far as objective evidence is concerned, that this is nothing more than just a story?

  8. Noneness says:

    Hey! A real immortal! Nice job.

  9. Michael says:

    “Both friends and not friends live where the trees are cold, and old and soft and high”

    The Pacific Northwest, maybe as far north as Alaska. The trees are cold here because the climate is very mild. They are old in places like the Olympic Mountains where there is some old growth protected by parks. They are cedars, hemlocks, and fir trees–all soft wood, and they are unusually high compared to the rest of the country.

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