Question from a reader: Why do we put this information online?

By Stephen. May 28th, 2010

A reader from the Netherlands asks why are we putting this information online? Isn’t it taking a risk?

True, it is a risk, and potentially a very serious one. ¬†We mitigate the danger to ourselves by various practices, as Flyss describes in her response within the link above. Flyss also describes one of the potential benefits we hope to derive in exchange for that risk. I would add one other benefit: that ¬†posting our investigations online allows us to receive aid from readers. We have already had considerable help from that quarter, not the least of which includes providing us with our new investigator and blog contributor, “Strattera.” — Stephen

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  1. MangaLord89 says:

    Your symbol looks like a Torii with the tie-post dropped down holding a gong.

    BTW, there’s a famous Manga called Izumo

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