A whole set of fascinating questions

By Stephen. May 29th, 2010

Strattera, your post raises a whole set of fascinating questions. There are enormous practical difficulties for a person who does not age to move through our society without being identified. I think we’ve already established that personal security would be of immense importance to such a person: they have eternity to lose, whereas we have only a finite life span at risk. But the current era makes anonymity difficult. It appears that the person you and Flyss met has taken the approach of acquiring great power, as opposed to “the Aussie,” who seems merely to hide.

You also raise an interesting biological question. If the aging clock is disabled, or slowed, would that in some way allow regeneration of damaged tissue? Certainly, if this does not happen, one would expect an immortal to gradually accumulate wear and tear — and would that include such things as arthritis? I’ll need to check with a biologist friend of mine. – Stephen


  1. Ethan says:

    I’m not a biologist, so don’t take what i have to say as without a doubt true, but an organism’s biological clock is controlled by the telomere on a chromosome, as the chromosome duplicates itself, the telomere shortens and the chromosome degrades. After so many duplications, the chromosome can no longer duplicate and dies, the accumulation of dead cells causes aging. For a biological clock to stop, the organism must produce large quantities of telomerase to allow the cell to duplicate indefinitely. This indefinite duplication would allow the organism to not only stop aging but also allow for regeneration of damaged tissue at an accelerated rate. Cell duplication allows normal people to regenerate damage tissue, so it’s only logical that a being with indefinite cell duplication would have accelerated regeneration.

  2. ImmortalisRX says:

    They are subject to damage, such as broken bones, burns, poisoning and disease just to name a few. One would assume accelerated regeneration but it more akin to that of a teenager if not temporally slowed buy trauma mentioned above. ….but what do I know.

  3. stacy fuson says:

    I think there are no such thing as a vampire or nonaging anyone or anything. whom ever believes differ offer me the web site that can change my mind…. thanks….

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