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By Strattera. May 29th, 2010

For what it’s worth, here’s my report on what happened last Sunday night when Flyss and I crossed this bridge.

I began to notice members of some type of security service at least a quarter of mile before we arrived. They were deployed reasonably professionally, but not with any awe-inspiring skill. Not like the US Secret Service, for example. I was on the outskirts of a Presidential visit once, and those folks were of a whole different caliber. In this case, it was more a matter of how many of them there were. Whoever had set up the operation, they had money to burn.

There was also the curious incident of the journalists in the night; the journalists that weren’t there. How can you practically evacuate a public part of a city and not draw in camera snappers? Apparently you stage visits by Britney Spears lookalikes, report ghoulish sex crimes, have a Santa water ski in the lake and  light firecrackers near the mayor’s office, because that’s what happened around town that night. Who knows what else had to be set up? So they had great advance work, if nothing else.

The other question that comes to mind is, how does an Immortal hire people to work for her and make sure not one of them sells their story to the tabloids? An inner circle, at least, has to know her story, at least to some extent, I would think. How do you stop it from spreading? This part I never did figure out. But in the case of this particular person, one has to count on the effect of charisma. In person, she’s riveting, as Flyss described.

I guess my only other additional insights have to do with her nationality: I saw her up close, and heard her speak, but I have no idea where she comes from. A person who’s lived for any number of hundred years would have to have a whole mixture of accents, even if she only spoke one language, since all languages change their pronunciation over times like that. So its no surprise she didn’t have a recognizable accent. But I wonder how long one would have to have live so as not to look like any current nationality. Not that one can always tell where people came from. But she didn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen.

Not that she was deformed. Not at all. She was beautiful, really, in an exotic way. It really gets down to that, I guess. The exoticism. She was from somewhere far away, but not any place I’ve heard of. Which does fit with her coming from somewhere long ago in time.

One final comment: She didn’t have any signs of wear and tear on her face or her hands (which is all that was visible.) So if she has been on the planet for a long time, does this mean that she regenerates herself? Otherwise, you’d expect a person to pick up a scar or two as she goes along. At the same time, she can hardly be supernaturally invulnerable, or why would she need all the security? That fits with the theory that these are people who do not age, but aren’t otherwise supernatural. — Strattera

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