Also, sounds just a wee bit like him!

By Kate. May 31st, 2010

Besides the secret handshake, he sounds just a wee bit like Laughing One, wouldn’t you say, with the wordplay, irony and ridiculous jests. Remember these?

Parody in Message

Half of what You Read Here is True

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Navajo Transliterated into Sanscrit

Ipod Helicopters

Welcome, “Oxadrenals!” — Kate

P.S. Also, not only is “oxadrenals” an anagram of the real name we are miswriting as Antipollus, people take extract of ox adrenal glands as a natural supplement to live longer. This is really very, very clever!


  1. oxadrenals says:

    I had been reaching for a triple meaning, though upon sober consideration it appears I may have tripped over my pretensions and fizzed flat. “Ox adrenals” are used not only for life extension but also for enhancing virility, and the latter is a quality for which in the privacy of my own mind I am wildly famous. And yet, if it were as my vanity would have it, why would I need the ox help? Therefore, I shall hurriedly withdraw the third meaning. You never read this.

  2. Noneness says:

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend is not always true. I haven’t read all of this story yet and I can already tell where it’s headed.

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