Full Recap on Laughing One

By Glenn. May 31st, 2010

Totally out of the blue, the mysterious person we’ve nicknamed “Laughing One” got in contact with us. Kate has already highlighted a few posts that illustrate his sense of humor. This is a full recap of our history with him.

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but the story is a bit complicated. I have to begin by backing up a ways. In late 2009, I had discovered a message hidden in the bitmap of a publicly available archival photo of Abraham Lincoln, stating: “3rd of the blue&black, meet at 0303etc. Antipollus.” This message was the beginning of our entire process of discovery, leading the discovery of what now appears to be a group of Immortals and their servants who call themselves “the blue&blacks.” This is a formidable secret society that takes itself very seriously, has considerable forces at its disposal, and may have historically played some of the roles incorrectly attributed by conspiracy theorists to the Illuminati.

Therefore, when we later found another message in a photo that parodies that one, we were astounded. It seemed impossible that someone could know of these hidden immortals, and yet mock them. Here is the text: “Firth of the Fist: meet at Froth of the Foot. Ox Adrenals.” Having considerable experience with anagrams, I immediately recognized “Ox Adrenals” as an anagram of the actual name we have been deliberately miswriting as “Antipollus,” and the remainder is clearly a joke. At first, we thought perhaps it was a joke one of us was playing on the the other, as we could not imagine anyone taking such an attitude toward this subject.  But the message turned out to be real.

Based on what she saw as a remarkable sense of humor, Kate nicknamed the author of this message, “Laughing One.”

One of his more bizarre stunts occurred when Flyss, following in the tracks of the Bounty Hunter, ventured into territory he wished to keep her away from.  As described in this post, she had been parked in the dark, taking photographs of this large dish-like object:

NSA Disc

She was disturbed by the sounds of helicopters approaching. Naturally, she thought of the black helicopters traditionally associated with the shadow government. However, when she rose (with remarkable bravery) to investigate, she discovered the sounds were coming not from the sky, but from two boom boxes set up to play sounds of helicopters in stereo.

The boom boxes were fed by two ipods, and when she retrieved them, Stephen and I discovered that they contained a treasure trove of information. But not only was this information encrypted, it was also peculiar in its nature, filled with humorous anagrams on serious topics, as well as deliberate difficulties so peculiar it’s difficult to imagine anyone taking the trouble to create them. For example, one passage is written in Navajo transliterated into Sanskrit. We believe his intention was to keep us distracted analyzing this material instead of dogging his activities. If so, this failed, as Flyss stayed out in the field.)

Furthermore, while it was in this material that we first discovered the Illuminati symbol pictured here and discussed in numerous posts:

True Immortals Symbol

However, we were also shown this presumed mystic symbol:

Look at it sideways, however, and it’s clearly a cell phone tower. Nonetheless, the validity of the first symbol has been verified extensively. I will confess, I find this combination of true knowledge and deliberate farce difficult to comprehend.

To continue, however: Based on the totality of the evidence, it appears that the Bounty Hunter works for or is to some extent controlled by Laughing One.  The former has not demonstrated any sense of humor at all, but rather a cold, professional competence. (As described in a chain of posts that can be accessed here, at one time he discovered Flyss observing him. Instead doing anything so strange as placing ipods to simulate Black Helicopters, he responded with anger and determination.)

We later saw direct evidence that there appears to be an enmity between the BH and the Blue&Blacks, as personified by a person we codename The Servant.”  In one event observed by Flyss, this servant of the Blue&blacks appears to have temporarily kidnapped the bounty hunter without his knowledge. We surmise that perhaps they placed a transmitter in him.

I believe this nearly brings us up to date. We were contacted directly by the Laughing One in response to discoveries about the “Illuminati Symbol” that we made with the help of several of our readers. In particularly, we identified several connections to Japanese tradition. This appears to have provided Laughing One with some information about these ancient secret societies he did not previously have himself. In a comment posted on our site, he clarified that it is an Immortal called Sollaya [name modified for our anonymity], and not Antipollus, who once lived in Japan. In a private email, he proved his identity as the source of the information we’ve associated with the person we’ve called Laughing One, and who signs his name Oxadrenals. He also states that he is a Hafeem, but he does not provide any proof that it is true.

The fact that he discovered us has left us in some anxiety, as if he can discover our site, surely Sollaya herself and the others can. Though our security (according to Stephen) is very good, we have no idea what powers these Immortals have, obtained through their penetration of governmental agencies such as the NSA. Stephen has, apparently, left his home. The rest of us are staying put, though warily. — Glenn


  1. c says:

    Glenn – it must have taken awefully alot of your time, heart , passion and money to follow the tracks of these mysterious ‘immortals’. ? is this worth it?

  2. Varekai says:

    I made a game out of guessing the name,
    And now in the dawn I see that it is gone,
    Are you perhaps a fright? Did I get it right?
    But I am not done, I’ll have some more fun,

  3. Observer says:

    Vare, I do believe I’m beginning to find you rather interesting. Though, your words may be a tad in the line of condescending, ‘better a poet than a priest’…correct?

    To the topic at hand; a sentence with “blue”, “black”, and “Antipollus” makes me not think of a specific person, but rather a place. More specifically, a naval academy in Annapolis.

    I’m not trying to say that’s exactly what is being talked about, only what comes to mind.

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