A confession

By Glenn. June 1st, 2010

This is not at all apropos of the latest (and very exciting!) news on our site. But its something I’ve been needing to confess for a while, and it won’t wait. Sorry!

The idea that true immortals live in the world naturally fascinates me; after all, I’ve had a  life long obsession with conspiracy theories, and what greater conspiracy could there be than one involving Immortals? This is the obvious motivation for my participation in this project and this website, and it’s the one I endorse.

Except it’s not my real motivation at all. I’ve been deceiving myself.

The fact is, I’m very sick. I have what they call brittle diabetes. That means it’s hard to keep my blood sugar under control, even with nine kinds of medication. I’ve had it since I was little, and it’s taken its toll. At the bottom of my mind there’s a hope that if we make contact with immortals we’ll discover some way not to die.

This makes no rational sense. They probably have no idea why they don’t get old. But I can’t keep from hoping they do know, and that I can learn something from them. Self deception again!

In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can think of to stay well. I work with an endocrinologist, a cardiologist and a renal specialist, and I also see a holistic doctor and use supplements. I exercise. I read mendosa.com like it was the Bible. Because I do all this, I’ve held up longer than my specialists expected.  But now I’m starting to go downhill.

I do believe that a time will come when we learn how to overcome disease and death and stay healthy forever. But now I’m afraid I’ll die before it happens. – Glenn


  1. c says:

    immortals are real as anything else, humans have dismissed of such as the earthly spirits/creatures that have stayed hidden from man because they are treacherous and corrupted…

    to live long, dis -ease free and not age, is not to think of death and dying. This won’t obviously work when you are constantly programmed through images and sound by the media, tv, radio and people telling you /reminding you that death is around daily.

  2. Stephen says:

    Do you think that the programming via media is more powerful than the experience people living out in the country still have: that death is ubiquitous in the animal world. Or, is it more powerful as programming than what people in the pre-antibiotic era experienced, when death after a brief infection (or in childbirth, or of young children) was terribly common? (I’m asking, not disagreeing.Perhaps the media is in some ways more powerful than real life experience?)

  3. ImHealthyever says:

    What does your research tell you are the best supplements for extending life, health and strengthening immunity?

  4. c says:

    Stephen: i cant really answer, but it’s really up to the individual experience his/her reality… i mean you have to consider their life style too, what sort of friends/family they have and how socially conditioned they are to live a healthy long life or a bad one.

  5. c says:

    Glenn, if you are really damn serious about trying to stay well and truly “alive”, there is a lady who have reached immortality and beyond that incorruptibilty. She has put herself publicly out there (a few attempts were made to sabotage/eliminate her by &^%%%((* Sorry i can’t say this, as i knw the internet is scanned by Nem Ess aaaa) but she is incorruptible and is heavily surrounded by light that dark can’t “mess” around with) and she has a 3 mth online teaching course on the science of immortality and incorruptibility

  6. c says:

    how true, but you’ve really prophesized your exit

    So Sorry to know you were a life long suffering victim of the Immunisation campaign to weaken humans and depopulation.

    But i think you’re still around in spirit observing us…

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