Melodrama, and whales

By Flyss. June 1st, 2010

Glenn, gotta love the honesty, but you don’t have to be quite so melodramatic. Yes, I know you have diabetes, but people do live with that. You’re not that old, not that sick, and your diabetes isn’t all that brittle.  I took you to the ER once, remember? And they took me aside and asked me whether my uncle was always such a hypochondriac?

But I do now that even though it’s bullshit that you’re dying, it’s not bullshit that you’re afraid of dying, like most everyone is after 40. And so I’ll end this part of my post by saying that I love you a lot and you’re not going anywhere. OK?

On a more cheerful note, I’ve been whaling away at Oxadrenals with all my journalistic whales, or wiles, or whatever (and some other wiles besides) but getting nowhere. All he’s doing is giving me cryptic clues. So, Kate, would you give it a try? Maybe I’m too young for him.  You know — that old order-of-magnitude-age thing? You got his sense of humor right from the start, even when you thought he didn’t really exist and the message we’d found was only Stephen playing a joke on Glenn, and what’s  more charming to a guy then when you laugh at his jokes? Especially when you really do find them funny.

Or whatever works.  Sick of cryptic clues. Must have interview. – Flyss


  1. oxadrenals says:

    So it’s cryptic clues you want. Remember that tunnel you were too smart to check out, way back in the good old days? Take a gander at your leisure — just leave me the other gander.

  2. ImmortalisRX says:

    so a gander is what one prefers left ?

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