Security restored

By Stephen. June 3rd, 2010

It now appears that Laughing One found us not due to any general vulnerability but because we used of actual names of certain Immortals here, and he simply found us by doing an Internet search.

As I’ve discussed before,  we do expect to be discovered at some point. But now would seem too soon.  Nonetheless, I believe that it is purely fortunate that the Hafeem we call Laughing One has found us. He has proven by his actions that when he wishes us not to do certain things, he indicates this with his own brand of peculiar humor rather than by engaging in acts of violence. He is a person we can work with. He has already helped us a great deal by providing us with the encrypted information we have derived so much knowledge from. We hope in future to be able to provide him some services in return for his generosity.

However, from what he tells us, there are groups of True Immortals whose intent is far from benign and whose methods are, to use his words, “not exactly Gandhian.” Not that they are in any sense evil, he says. In fact, the most powerful of these groups (that he knows about) has purely positive intentions. But these self-described Illuminati subscribe to a utilitarian policy of the greatest good for the greatest number, and are therefore willing to sacrifice the few for the many, if they deem it appropriate.

I am in no hurry to meet such people. For this reason, the names of all Immortals on this site have been changed.  – Stephen

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  1. Noneness says:

    Why don’t you ask him of his intentions..

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