The power of glamor to glamour

By Kate. June 3rd, 2010

Hearing the voice / of one who does not die like us

I become bespelled.

This is seduction!

Vampires are said to have / the power to glamour mortals

To weave illusions that seduce /but only because we consent to lose ourselves.

Because we want to lose ourselves / in their glamor.

A book / a movie / the television’s glow,

The selling smile of celebrities / the gifted kiss of pianists and geniuses,

Those distilleries of romance / that careen us into Camelot.

I want to remember / that my mortal life

is no less transcendent for ending.

But how hard it is now to cling to that remembrance. — Kate


  1. oxadrenals says:

    Aw, shucks.

    (and — yes.)

  2. c says:

    i share your sentiments.

  3. C says:

    i’m totally unconvinced by his charisma.

  4. c says:

    no i just sound like a guy. :-P

    • Flyss says:

      OK, let me amend that: You sound like a person who’s attracted to hot females, but not to hot guys, which would make you either (1) a heterosexual guy or (2) a lesbian. Myself being in the strongly bisexual category, hot guys figure just fine in Flyss-libido-land.

  5. Noneness says:

    Who do you think put the whole ”vampires can… glamor other people”? Such a horrible word btw..glamor. It’s not as simple as that, but it’s not all that complicated either. It’s certainly not what would be seen as..glamor.

  6. SonataH says:

    I remember a time when it was the fae that used glamor not vampires, and it wasn’t to enchant people like the vampires use but instead to fool the mortals into seeing things that weren’t really there or to hide the truth that is right in front of them.

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