Kate’s intuition again borne out

By Stephen. June 5th, 2010

Kate’s intuition is again borne out.

There are websites that detail the reputed talents and preferences of bounty hunters and other such professional agents available for hire. Listed among the assignments our Bounty Hunter is reputed to perform with a high degree of skill is this: “Abductions, specializing in minimizing risk to abductee.” There is this additional comment, “Adamantly refuses tasks involve intentional or high risk collateral harm to any but those convicted by proper judicial process of capital crimes.”

Such a professional criminal with morals might very well be a perfect choice if a younger Hafeem wished to undertake the involuntary rescue of others of his kind. And involuntary rescue might be the only option. We have already noted a defining characteristic that non-mortals fear discovery by anyone. Would not they tend to take it as a ruse if someone who found them out claimed similar non-mortal status By habit, they might fight or flee before proofs could be offered. Storming the castle might be the best option, if done by one skilled at minimizing risk to the stormed.  – Stephen

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  1. Passer By says:

    Involuntary rescue!? Sounds like imprisonment for one’s own good. More often than not it must be to prevent the rescuee from saying something stupid in the midst of his senility, etc, or some other self serving motive on the part of the rescuer. Any hafeem who has lived centuries without joining an organization obviously values his own liberty, perhaps even over the sense of security an organization or a rescuer might seem to provide. He who would give up a measure of liberty to obtain a measure of security deserves neither and will lose both. A man from Pennsylvania said that.

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