Kidnapped to comfort

By Kate. June 5th, 2010

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I grieved when I imagined / the suffering

Of an elder grown sick and senile /and because Hafeem

Made to wait for centuries / for death’s relief.

But later it occurred to me / in a different context

That there is little difference /between a lifespan of 100 or a 1000 years

Putting these thoughts together / I now see

That we are alike another way.

To be old and alone / is cruelty at any age.

True Immortals do not suffer it / but an isolated, weakening Hafeem

suffers like any isolated, weakening mortal / pained past physical pain

By the loneliness.

And how can Hafeems find one other? / This is not fantasy.

There is no mark on the face / no spiritual glow.

Besides, they are practiced at hiding / and it traps them in the end.

Unless  –

Unless someone finds them out / overwhelms their defences

And kidnaps them into the comfort of their kind. — Kate

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  1. oxadrenals says:

    That brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

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