Closeup of one of the cones

By Flyss. June 8th, 2010

You can get better detail in the daylight. Here’s a closeup of one of the cones pictured in my last post.

It’s really rather peculiar. Not only is there a ladder going down inside, notice the wire wrapping around the top of the cone and the two antennae sticking up.

For the truly obsessed, I’ve posted a few more photos of this area after the fold. But what we saw across the street was an entirely different sort of strange.  I’ll post those photos next.  – Flyss

Here’s another view of the huge, apparently abandoned, but fenced off and guarded building.

Another view of the cones in relationship to the building:

And another:


  1. c says:

    those cylinders look like it’s air ventilation for an underground railway/road or sewage drains.

  2. c says:

    Or it could be scrubbers…

  3. Tash says:

    What are scrubbers?

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