Consider my arm twisted

By Oxadrenals. June 8th, 2010

HafeemYou’re a good arm twister, betcha no one ever told you that before.

About the uniforms: The group of Immortals who call themselves “The Illuminati” are run by a board of 12  members plus an occasional 13th. Most of them run their own large organization of mortals and Hafeems dressed up in special styles. “Sollaya” runs the “Blue&blacks.” You’ve met some of those friendly folks already. Whether it’s for ninja duty or going to the opera, they dress up in mostly black with a little blue, and have the letter “S” emblazoned somewhere, as well as the thingie you’re calling the  “Illuminati Symbol.” (I don’t know how they work it for skinny dipping, but it delectates the imagination to try and guess.) Members a group called the “red&whites” look like amped-up military police in bright red uniforms, white berets, white sashes around the necks and white armbands emblazoned with the letter “L.”  The “yellow&blacks” wear yellow jackets and trousers with black beaded trim and a  letter “B” embroidered in black on the back of their jackets. There are also green&golds, silver&oranges, just plain oranges (but no bananas) and eight other kinds. I know it sounds kinda ridiculous, but when you see them in action they don’t look so silly.

Now that I’ve answered your question so fulsomely, will you stop torturing the nice Oxadrenals and let me see those other photos, please?


  1. c says:

    are you an EX gov-scientist?

  2. Observer says:

    Skinny dipping? Well, tattoo parlors are everywhere these days.

  3. c says:

    yellows and blacks? are you talking about the people (triads)from the East?

  4. Observer says:

    I’m curious how the ‘S’ looks on these uniforms… Does it look something like this?:
    / \
    | | |
    \ \/
    /\ \
    | | |
    \ /
    Gah, It’s so hard to draw in type! …Anyway, if you match up the lines taking away the gaps that the ‘enter’ button creates, it should look something like a closed ‘S,’ or an ’8′ depending on how you look at it, that turned sideways is the symbol for infinity.

    So, is that something like what the ‘S’ on their uniforms is like?

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