Who’s running the show?

By Flyss. June 9th, 2010

So, there’s a company that runs an installation with gigantic radio dishes and that also guards a set of ventilation cones that might very well aerate the entrance to an entire underground world. But what company is it?

There’s no sign out on the lawn. There’s no name on the dishes. In fact, there’s no name anywhere in sight. But, as it happens, Strattera used to work security on similar looking communication dishes used by the military in Iraq. A quick call to one of her buddies gave us the name of the outfit that operated that equipment: Geo Eye. We passed on the name to Stephen, who used his forensic accounting mojo and found that the small company that pays city taxes on the property is owned by company that’s owned by a company that’s owned by Geo Eye.

Here’s their logo. You may have seen it:

According to Wikipedia, Geo Eye is “the world’s largest space imaging company.” If our Immortals own that, I’m thoroughly creeped out.

But it gets worse. Just next door, there’s this funeral and mortuary home.

How convenient if one were ever to need to dispose of bodies for some reason!

And just past the mortuary there’s this branch of an innocent little company that’s only trying to rule the world (and that gets its Google Earth images from Geo Eye):

I’ll admit, this has me nervous. If the Immortals have infiltrated Google, what chance do any of us have? — Flyss


  1. c says:

    so “big brother” are those wretch immortals trying to watch our every move…

    that’s sick. I will not tolerate that.

  2. BigBrother says:

    But what are you going to do about it, little guy? I know everything about you. I know where you live.

  3. c says:

    i’m already doing something about it, big bro!

    I’m not going to sit infront of the computer and moan how i’m going to be useless like most people do!. I’m already doing something about it and have been doing something about it.

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