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By Flyss. June 9th, 2010

(You win, for now. Anyway, I better do this before Glenn and Stephen start peppering you with questions about that post on subgroups of the Illuminati.)

So, as I mentioned, across the street from the ventilation cones there’s another installation that’s at least as interesting. This second one is an ordinary building, in most senses of the word. It has a parking lot filled with vehicles and an obvious checkpoint at the entrance.  It has ordinary-looking people who go to work at it during the day. However, it’s clearly at least somewhat related to its dark neighbor because the guards who work at the one place cross the street and work at the other.

And, also, it has giant dishes. Really giant, like thirty feet tall. The following image was taken while filling up at a gas station a good ways off. Note the burnt area:

Here’s another view that shows the military-style vehicle between dish 1 and 2:

(Click on the image to see a very large and detailed photo.)

But the best part of all is the name of the company that runs these things. It explains a whole lot, and suggests enough in the way of entirely new conspiracy theories to keep Glenn in happy conniptions for a year.

The name of the company will be revealed in my next post. In the mean time, enjoy the bonus photos below. — Flyss

Here’s a better view of dish 3, with a glimpse of dish 2 and the military-style vehicle again.

And here’s a closeup view of the third dish:

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  1. c says:

    if it’s not Nasa grounds you’re at. It got me thinking are these HAARP technologies?

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