Proving my age

By Oxadrenals. June 11th, 2010

How about doing it this way instead?

There’s a photograph in a certain museum, taken in 1881. I’ll email you the details privately. You can take a look at it. Then I’ll set up a scenario so Flyss can catch a photo of me. A scenario of my own choosing! Then you can compare the photos and decide for yourself. Deal?


  1. Joseph Maldonado says:

    can you please email me those pictures….i would love to see them and chat with you sometime…..thanks

  2. the one says:

    i know the secret but i want to talk to you email me i need answers. to certain things not immortality. something else i stopped age 16 im in my 26 now i look no diff than when i was 16 not a bit diff. i seem to be immune to flue and everything except staff infections which make’s no sense. i figured out how to do it years ago i had several things i did. im not sure which one made it work. but message me. by i dont want to know ur name are you 2 know mine.

  3. the one says:

    ps you have the secret its hidden in plain view on something you have typed :) the russian’s found this out you know. in ww2 <> and it doesnt take science to do this are religion just common sense and the will power of flat out refusing to die if u truly beleave to the point u cannot die u will not…… but beleivn and thinking are two diff things you cant willfully believe something it has to be created sure you can think it but sub conchuse doubt it………. i have no photos nor do i want to prove anything iam just looking for answers nor do i believe in the whole intune with nature ordeal are any other thing super natural but i dissmiss science even harder science its self is a theory existence is to so is death. i believe in god iam kind of christian iam also a firm believer in certain supernatural things besides asian culture beleifs i do not believe in witch craft neither. i do firmly know the secrets of immortality are out there and there are people who have amazing gifts even beyond immortality……….. im just here to talk and i want to talk to oxyyy adrenilineeeeeeeeeeee <<<< i understand about that name :) it relates to an project that was debunked that hap in russia u guys will never see the real video because it has been destroyed……. there missing a certain device out of the video anyways….

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