Photo taken!

By Flyss. June 13th, 2010

So we did it.

Stattera and I were waiting in Manhattan, waiting for him to call and tell me to show up at Grand Central station, it being so grand and all. But it’s also too obvious, obviously, so I thought he’d pick a smaller station.So I was surprised when Grand Central station it was. But when we got there, he didn’t show. And didn’t show.

And then he called again, and this time the location was a station in Brooklyn. It’s not a famous terminal, but it’s huge, with lines going everywhere.We had to rush to get there with my camera and big zoom lens, and just barely made it in the time he specified. Once we were there, he called again and told me where to stand. Again, I got in place with seconds to spare. A long wait again. Then he called once more to tell me exactly where he would step off a certain train, and that he would be wearing a purple top hat. I had just focused the camera when I saw the man in the top hat step out.

I was more than a hundred feet away, but with Strattera’s help fending off the people rushing by, I stabilized the camera on my tripod, zoomed the lens, and caught him.

He wore a theatrical handlebar mustache and goatee, but he pulled them off as I watched, and removed the hat to look at me full in the face, posing there on the platform, his hands folded in front of him, a small smile on his face, like someone who likes to be photographed because he knows he’s photogenic (which he is. Damn is he ever!) I had fifteen seconds to do it, and then he stepped onto another train jam packed with people and disappeared.

I could have tried to follow him, I suppose, but even if we’d had agents in place all over that terminal I doubt we’d have succeeded in that press of people, especially since no doubt he’d soon put one another set of disguises anyway. Anyway, we had no agents, and we wouldn’t have done it anyway. Oxadrenals is a gentleman, and someone (no matter how much we might twit him) we regard with great respect and even affection.

Instead, we left to email the photo to Glenn and Stephen. They’re running various tests to compare the photos.

Let them. I used my eyes, and I know its the same person. He looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties. Just as he did in a portrait photo taken (according to the museum) in 1881. — Flyss

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  1. c says:

    smart way to figure where to meet. I bet ox got the idea from was a movie , where two secret spies(played by Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery) meet at a trainstation standing from different terminals. I don’t recall the name of the movie :-P

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