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By Stephen. June 14th, 2010

FYI: As per the rules of this site, we will under no circumstance post the photograph taken of Oxadrenals. ┬áIt is not because he knows too much about us to make it safe to actually as opposed to playfully cross him; rather, it is a strict convention that all of us observe. (Note that we didn’t blackmail him into letting us photograph him; we merely tantalized him. It was his curiosity about what we knew, not fear about what we might do, that caused him to agree to our terms.)

We will do nothing to jeopardize the safety of those we are investigating, whether they are individuals or members of a secret society of immortals. For self-preservation alone, as well as for reasons of honor, this is an absolute rule on our site. And when it comes to Oxadrenals, we have come to treasure him.

To read more about our policy, read this post.

Glenn, Flyss, Stephen and Kate


  1. Khartoum says:

    I am interested in this research. I feel it is not necessary for immortals or halfeems to prove their identities or their ages. I would hazard that unimpeachable proof is both impossible and unwise. Could we not just ask questions ? I’m hopeful that Alexandros or Oxydrenals will cheerfully answer questions. It would help. I’m curious to know when he knew he was Long lived? Does he know how it became so ? Are there others ? Is it an accident, or was there a process. These are the real questions.

  2. Khadro says:

    The auto correct misspells my name. It’s Khadro.

  3. Terri says:

    I too am curious as to this immortality post, as I am a natural skeptic who would love to be proved of the existence (there just aren’t any interesting things left in the world). I could spend the time and effort researching, I have the capability to do so, but if this were the case, would you not keep it secret, and shy from internet posts which are trackable? Sorry if my queries seem rude, but in a world where there are so many fakes and what not, you cant help but question something that just seems way to intriguing to be true.

    • Mystery says:

      In regards to things being fake or true, I feel the authors intentionally left it up to the readers to decide. I have reason to believe these posts are true, but that is not to say I am neither wrong, nor right. The real questions will not be answered, because if such a thing were real, would these extremely secretive people just come out and say yes these things are true, and then present 100% proof? Absolutely not. If you read the chronicles, you’d have read all the obstacles they take to remain undetected.

      So after hat, one might ask oneself “if these people are trying to remain a secret, then why is there 2 websites dedicated to their stories?”. Well, with how skeptical most people are these days, they either assume everything they read on the internet is true, much like they do when they watch the news, or everything they read on the internet is a lie. Its all up to you and what you believe.

      With how much detail in the chronicles there is, even though its a strict narrative, it would be easy to think its just another book written for enjoyment. I see passed hat, and I look deeper in everything these sites have to offer. As for myself, I will choose to believe this stuff is real, and will continue to try and confirm it for myself.

      Best regards.

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