By Stephen. June 14th, 2010

Identity confirmed. All biometric examinations indicate that the man Flyss just now photographed at a Brooklyn train station is the same as the man in the portrait photograph taken in 1881.

It’s possible that the photograph is fake. But it became part of the museum’s collection in 1911, and even if it were taken just prior to 1911, that presents us with sufficient interval to document that the subject does not age like any normal person.

Another possibility is that the museum is part of a complex fraud, or that Oxadrenals somehow managed to covertly insert or replace a photo.  But based on the chain of documentation present, which includes detailed notations on the collection, as well as the august reputation of the museum and the analysis of the portrait photograph by an expert we commissioned, we do believe that these alternate explanations are unlikely.

Finally, it appears that this individual appears like someone in his late twenties or early thirties. Thus, I am willing to commit myself to the assertion that we have found another immortal, this one by his own claim, and a bit of evidence, a Hafeem, rather than a True Immortal. – Stephen

P.S. If you wonder why we haven’t shown his photo, see this post.

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  1. c says:

    Stephen, did you check out who were those people officially in the photo?

    I do know this for a fact, sometimes a current descendant may genetically come back looking exactly of a relative two or three generations living long ago. but i highly find dubious, Ox would go through all that trouble fixing the picture by photo shopping his face in a 1911 photo just to fool you guys! if it was, it would be the biggest hoax of the 21st century.:-P

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