What’s really down there? The answer is:

By Glenn. June 15th, 2010

To wind up this thread at last:

As we discovered, the giant ventilation chutes pictured here do indeed bring air to an underground cavity.

But the underground cavity never belonged to any Immortals!

The records are quite clear on this.  The underground area in question is an old limestone quarry, very much like a similar and more famous quarry used as office space in Kansas City, Missouri.

These old quarries have transferred ownership several times. Most recently, they were used to store medical records by a small company later bought out by Underground Vaults and Storage. When used for this purpose, the area was visited many times, as it was not secret. As it happens, a friend of my family had toured it in 2006. But when the original company was purchased, the new owner closed the facility to consolidate their holdings. It was then purchased by Google, which has done nothing more sinister than fill it with hard drives.

It was this information that we playfully withheld from Oxadrenals in order to playfully extort proof of his Hafeem status!

Truly, this is not at all what Oxadrenals feared. However, it is not in itself necessarily benign. Think of it: Google, the foremost non-governmental information holder in the world, and perhaps the foremost information holder period, operates a vast realm of caves, tunnels and other underground spaces in which it maintains square mile upon square mile of hard drives. These data farms have their own power supplies (powered by nuclear energy, some say) and have small underground cities of workers who maintain them. Even without any Immortal involvement, this is enough to make me very, very nervous. — Glenn

One last point: Look at the antennae on the vent pictured this post again. They match the HAARP specs exactly.– Glenn

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